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Top glass cleaning hacks most of you didn’t know about


We don’t have to tell you that keeping your windows and glass panels sparkling-clean can be a real chore. While there are plenty of chemical products and cleaning devices that promise a streak-free finish, they often fail to live up to the mark. And that can be frustrating (we know).


This problem is compounded in office complexes, where numerous windows need cleaning regularly, all of which are also often hard to reach.


Luckily, there are simple solutions to help combat these problems, all through using basic methods to give your office that commercially cleaned finish, without the need for substantial time and expenses.


Use a coffee filter to clean your windows

Microfibre cloths are the best commercial grade cleaning tool for getting your windows looking fresh, but they may not always be on hand.


Paper towels, CHUX cloths and other basics are likely to push the dirt around, and can also leave beads of paper behind, failing to get your windows to the standard you’re after.

An excellent pro tip is to grab some coffee filters from the breakroom; the larger, the better. These nifty tools are tear-resistant, lint-free and are resistant to water – so they won't break up while you complete the task.


Opt for vinegar and water

While it’s crucial for professional cleaning experts to use the right chemicals and solutions to get the job done, it’s also important not to believe the hype of off-the-shelf products that are available on the market. For a temporary solution to getting your windows clean, mix two parts water, one part dishwashing detergent and one part vinegar to get a pro finish at a fraction of sub-par, over-marketed products.


Remove scratches with non-gel toothpaste

If there are small scratches in your windows, it usually means it’s time to replace them. But you can breathe some new life into them temporarily by using common household toothpaste. Make sure it is not a gel-based product, and if you have one that includes baking soda, it will do the job even better. After cleaning the window, rub the toothpaste into the damaged area for about a minute, using circular motions. Clean again and those scratches should be filled in and invisible to the eye.


Use black tea on the mirrors in your bathroom

Brew up a strong batch of black tea (three bags should do the trick) and allow it to cool. Transfer it into a spray bottle and get to work on those windows and mirrors. The tannic acid in the tea will slice right through difficult-to--remove grime.


Clean up broken glass with bread

If there is an accident in the office where a window or mirror is broken, it can create a workplace hazard that’s hard to clean up thoroughly. Even high-powered vacuums can fail to pick up small shards of glass which can later find themselves embedded in someone's foot (ouch). To collect these little leftovers, get some slices of bread and press them down firmly over the area where the glass broke. The pieces will embed themselves in the bread, allowing you to dispose of the hazards easily.


Use baking soda to clean up those tracks

A small sponge on the end of a stick is usually enough to collect dust and dirt from window tracks. But for those that have been neglected in your strata complex for a long time, make a paste out of baking soda and vinegar and smear it along the runner. Leave it for a few minutes, and the grime will lift right off.


Employ an eraser to remove streaks

If you see streaks on your windows no matter what you do, there is a simple technique to remove them. Grab a clean whiteboard eraser from the stationery cupboard and gently rub it over the lines. Watch them vanish without a trace...it’s mildly satisfying.


The rule of thumb? If in doubt, opt for a commercial cleaning expert to take the hard work out of your hands.


What are your top tips for keeping your windows clean?