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A good strata cleaner may increase the value of your property


The best strata cleaners don’t just maintain your property, they prevent costly damage and can even increase your property’s value.

The presentation and maintenance of your property has a direct impact on your financial return. It determines how much tenants will pay and how long they’ll stay. A building that’s well maintained gives prospective tenants confidence and gives you a competitive edge when you need to attract new business, reducing turnover and cutting vacancy rates. Quality strata cleaning services for Sydney properties safeguard the value of your investment.

This isn’t a job for the strata manager. Strata cleaners are specialists with the expert skills and technical equipment your property needs.

Image is everything
Strata cleaners do everything from routine maintenance and regular cleaning to repairs and preventive maintenance. They cover every aspect of your property, from common areas to car parks, inside and out, from lawn mowing to dusting the lobby. Every person who walks past or into your building forms an impression and a well-maintained building has a higher perceived value, with the flow on effect to the rent you can command.

Strata cleaning services can also add value by transforming the facade of your building with high pressure washers which strip mould and the accumulated grime of pollution embedded in your walls. They can blast away decades of dirt or a summer’s salty sea air that can eat into building, living a bright exterior that looks brand new. Use only professional strata cleaners who know how to use commercial grade high pressure washers to clean thoroughly without damaging the surface.


Specialist strata cleaning services for Sydney have the know-how to also clean blackened sandstone and to rescue or seal faded timber before it cracks or dry rot sets in.  They clean paths and lobbies, car parks, driveways and all paved areas so they don’t become slippery and dangerous with the public liability risk of residents or visitors slipping and falling.


High traffic areas
Entry areas, corridors, lifts and staircases are the busiest spaces in a building, and all that foot traffic adds up to more ingrained dirt than a strata manager can keep on top of. You need professional strata cleaning services who are equipped with the latest technology machinery and effective cleaning products so those shared spaces don’t deteriorate over time.

Strata cleaning services take care of every kind of flooring whether it’s carpeted or concrete, timber or tiled, parquetry or marble and they know what treatment each specialty surfaces needs, whether it needs to be scrubbed or steamed. Strata cleaners also scrub and sanitise handrails, doorhandles, balconies and banisters to safeguard hygiene.

On top
Gutter and roof cleaning are simply too dangerous for your strata manager. This is a job for professional strata cleaners who can also check for any leaks or other damage as well as cleaning gutters and checking downpipes are clear. Book your strata spring clean to make sure you avoid blocked gutters which can cause serious building damage.


Strata cleaning services are also expert window cleaners, including upper levels. Professional strata cleaning services can also repaint faded Sydney roofs and the gleaming result rejuvenates the building and reflects the summer sun to keep your building cooler and save on air-conditioning.


What’s the cost?
When it comes to strata cleaning jobs in Sydney, you want value for money: quality at a cost-effective price. The cost depends on the state of your building and the size of your property but remember every cent is a tax deduction to secure the value of your investment. Good strata cleaners also offer a service guarantee.