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The top 5 reasons why having office cleaners come during the day is important


In the past, cleaners would only go into an office at night, after the workers had finished their busy hustle and headed home for the day. This was designed to keep disruption for staff to a minimum, reducing downtime to business operations. But this approach is quickly taking a turn.


Daytime office cleaning is starting to explode in popularity. Office staff and cleaners are now interacting with each other more than ever before, combining their work hours together to unify the process.


And there are many good reasons for employing this tactic; here are the top five benefits for having office cleaners come in during the day.


  1. It promotes a cleaner environment


Whilst running a business, you most likely have a team of employees focused on performing their work duties. The last thing on anyone’s mind is keeping the office clean.


Messy workstations and dirty floors may then be a result of this concentrated productivity. For employees to keep productivity on the high,  it’s essential to ensure disruptions and workflow aren't interrupted – especially by undertaking general office cleaning. Beyond this, keeping a healthy, sterile workplace means you're decreasing the risk of staff falling ill to unnecessary mess or contaminants.


In the office, germs and bacteria can quickly spread quickly. Keeping common areas clean and sanitised - such as the kitchen and bathroom - is crucial to maintaining well-oiled operations.


Regular vacuuming, mopping, dusting and sanitisation leads to a cleaner work environment, decreasing threats across the board. When done in the daytime, this can lessen the effect of mess accumulating as the hours tick on. As a result, your employees are more likely to remain healthy, productive, and less likely to take time off for sick leave.


  1. Significantly reduces energy costs


By having general office cleaning staff on site during the day, as opposed to the evening, the need for expenditure on utilities - such as electricity and water - is significantly reduced. Additionally, these savings can add up fast, optimising your bottom line.


  1. It validates the role of your office cleaner


A lot of office staff carry the impression that cleaners only empty the rubbish and vacuum the floors, which can often lead to complaints.


However, with cleaners operating during the day, workers see them in action, minimising misconceptions about the amount of cleaning being done. This open approach also helps to improve the relationship between office workers and cleaners unifying the two groups and minimising alienation.


Beyond everything, when cleaners come in during the day, it's more likely to remind staff of the mess they may have unconsciously made. Over time, you may find you encourage people to clean up after themselves, as a result.



  1. Keeps supplies replenished when they're needed most


By having daytime cleaners on hand, it allows them to top up any supplies in the office which have run low. As an example, they can replace toilet paper and soap in the bathroom once it runs out during the day. This approach is much better than office staff having to wait overnight for essential items.


  1. It encourages staff to take a break


Office workers often tend to feel uncomfortable when having the carpet vacuumed or their cubicle cleaned around them while they are working.


However, office employees are spending longer periods increasingly at their desks, without taking breaks, which is bad for long-term health.


When a cleaner is in action, it makes for the perfect opportunity to take a short five-minute coffee break away from their screens, allowing them to stretch or get some fresh air. Staff are then more likely to head back to their clean workspace feeling refreshed and recharged.


While daytime office cleaning is still a relatively new concept, it's quickly rising to popularity. Want to find out more? Get in touch with our friendly team to get started.